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About MX Farm Queensland

Track — Motocross in Curra, QLD
MX Farm is a locally owned and family-operated business in Curra that was established early 2019. Mark, the owner, took a keen interest in Motocross riding at a very early age and has now ridden for 20 years. He has invaluable experience, having participated in many racing events himself, and with his boys.
MX Farm was established to keep riding traditions alive in Australia and, more importantly, to avail riding services at relatively affordable prices. However, realising the need for accommodation for riders during events, provisions were made for campground and camping services. Note that these services are not restricted to riders and are available for willing campers.

The team at MX Farm is utterly committed to providing clients with a unique experience. Our primary goal is to provide great tracks for riders and an awesome camping experience. Our client base has expanded rapidly since establishment, courtesy of our excellent and affordable services. We are working hard towards becoming a mainstay in the Australian motorcycling industry in 5 years.
Rider — Motocross in Curra, QLD

We offer these services:

  • Motocross riding tracks that are in top shape & conditions
  • Coaching sessions to riders & campers
  • Heaps of space for camping
  • Guides & handlers for culminating riding & camping experiences
  • Food & merchandise sales
We offer these services on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Our opening hours run from 7am to 4pm. We have standard facilities, such as a canteen and shower rooms, to keep you comfortable as you ride.